Our Environmental Policy

Mill View from Flambeau River

Flambeau River Papers recognizes that our environment is fundamental to our existence, and that our businesses and the communities where we operate depend upon its health. We strive for excellence, leadership, sustainability, and competitive advantage–with integrity–through continual improvement in our environmental performance. For Flambeau River Papers, sustainable development means creating economic growth while caring for society and the environment.

Flambeau River Papers and its operations will integrate environmental protection into our business processes and decisions. Our belief in sustainable development means we are committed to:

  • Full Compliance
  • Minimization of Environmental Impact
  • Risk Management
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Innovation
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Communications with Outside Stakeholders
  • Open Government Relationships
  • Audits
  • Reports

Flambeau River Papers has developed policies, systems, organizations, and competencies, and to embrace an environmental commitment consistent with these principles. Each employee, regardless of position, takes responsibility for environmental protection in their jobs.

See our complete Environmental Policy.

Third Party Certifications

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