FRP MOCR Bond is a high-quality, laser-guaranteed product that has been engineered for high-speed laser print MOCR applications with emphasis on control of  curl, fluorescence, and static. FRP MOCR Bond exhibits exceptional print quality, and cleanliness.

Environmental Attributes

  • SFI- and FSC-certification available


  • Alkaline/Acid-free for archival quality
  • Meets ANSI Type 1 OCR Dirt Guidelines**
  • Meets ANSI Type III OCR Fluorescence Guidelines
  • Laser Guaranteed
  • Grade is Run to Caliper
  • Available with the following chain of custody certifications: SFI and FSC
  • Guaranteed for printing on laser, offset and dye based web inkjet presses and post-printing processes, including MICR and OCR applications.  Guaranteed paper performance in laser roll-to-roll, roll-to-sheet and roll-to-fold applications, allowing single paper grade usage. **
Download FRP MOCR Bond Specification Sheet PDF




**Guarantee provides for replacement of the paper or reimbursement of the paper cost if unacceptable print quality or runnability performance is determined to be caused by the paper

Third Party Certifications

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