Quality Assurance

Flambeau River Papers believes in manufacturing the highest quality product while continuing to improve customer satisfaction. We have built many steps in our quality assurance process to ensure quality is maintained at a consistent level throughout manufacturing. Production management and production workers contribute ideas to the process, making it a continually evolving process.

Compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards aligns Flambeau River Papers with the world’s foremost safety, quality and environmental standards. Here are just a few of the quality assurance measures we have implemented:

• 19 Honeywell 4G high speed cameras are installed in our three paper machines for improved machine monitoring and quality control.
• New truck dump for biomass boiler.
• New wood bridge over river with new steel bridge meeting all safety standards.
• Completed all environmental testing and upgrades as well as fire system, steam system and electrical system sustainability and protection tests.

Third Party Certifications

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